Minggu, 09 Desember 2018

Quite good in december.
I always know that 'my depressed' love story always begin in December
well, i dont hate December a lot..
but i always have a 'confusing' position in December
Im not kind of girl that easily have a crush
but now maybe someone has come
several years ago...
but we're having no clue... 
First time i have a lill talk ,. 'may be i'll like him'
but.... several years apart.. and still goin on
i decide that i just afraid of being lonely..
no.. he's not what i need..
deep inside .. he also kind hearted.. 
but again.... im not into him
im so mean, to me.. and to him..
so sorry..
several years for knowing you... 
i still have no clue..
and it wont be more
than jus a friend.

9th December

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