Rabu, 04 Juli 2012


Lay my head and facing the skies that so blue. The wind tell me something to feel relax calm and quiet. There is two birds sing the love song with their naughty voice. How a Lovely day...

I closed my eyes , then something appear just like the rain. But the rain doesnt come with their water, but Flowers. That yellow flowers just falling like the water comes. So beautiful. And I said " Maybe the Sun sends me her beautiful sunflower to calm me down :)"

Then I feel the wind bring me leave that sunflowers. Walk, and walk, and run. Noone there, only me and that beautiful scenery. Where is it? 
"That place just like Heaven..."
Then i found field with their greenery. It dances along with the wind song. 
I feel the same, my heart dances along with it too
But Suddenly i hear that the two birds have stopped their song.
Then I open my eyes just want to know why they stop singing...
But what did i find? I found nothing,  That blue skies , the two birds and the sunshine are not there.
I just saw the lamp, and hear that my phone is ringing.
Oh, damn.... It just a dream!!!

by : admin